In recent years we have seen a major shift in how people consume a range of content. The world has become a much more visual place. How many times have you been scrolling through social media and found yourself skipping past a large chunk of text and instead finding yourself clicking on a photo?

You may be thinking, that’s easy, time to start snapping some more photos for my business’s socials and website. While you can use a regular smartphone for the occasional social media post, nothing will be able to compare to branding photography completed by a professional photographer. Professional brand photography attracts people to your business and can help lead to long-term growth. 

What Is Brand Photography?

Before we get into breaking down how brand photography can completely transform your business, let us explain what it is. Brand photography is utilising a suite of professional photos to help represent your business visually. These images can be staged a certain way with specific props and edited correctly to help convey your business’s message and service to your audience in an easy-to-consume way. These photos can be of anything, shots of your team, your space, or completing a service. Any message you want to convey, a brand photographer will be able to capture it. 

Ways Brand Photography Can Elevate Your Business

1. Appearances Matter

We always encourage people to not judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to people outlaying their hard-earned money it’s a different story. In this day and age, people have access to a wide range of businesses to choose from at the tips of their fingers. When searching for a particular product or service, they complete a research stage where they will encounter a range of different businesses. This is where you want to use brand photography to stand out.

The first point of contact they will generally have is either with a website or social media account, which are equally as important when showcasing your business. If they’re faced with staged stock images or smartphone images shot in poor lighting, there is a high chance that they may consider your brand unprofessional, especially when compared to a business with professional brand photography. 

As harsh as it sounds, people may use the images you share to assume the quality of your business. With poor-quality images, people may assume your business offers low-quality products or services. They may be thinking, if you’re not willing to invest in presenting your business properly, then what else are you cutting corners with?

3. Increase Purchases

When visiting a website what are you more likely to purchase, something with a high-quality image clearly showing what it is your purchasing or a low-quality, blurry image? We know which one we’re choosing! Research has found that 79% of people tend to trust businesses more when there is at least one generic photo of the business or staff photo online. Building trust between your business and consumers will naturally lead to an increase in purchases. No matter whether you’re trying to sell a product or an ongoing service, by having professional photography for your brand people will automatically find you more credible. 

3. Increase Engagement on Social Media

Social media has become an essential part of many businesses marketing strategies. It’s a free and simple way to promote your business to a wide range of consumers. As social media has become a popular tool for many businesses to utilise, it can be oversaturated and to stand out you need great content. Although professional brand photography isn’t a necessity for social media, having high-quality content showcasing your business will generally receive more engagement than the average snap. 

4. Ready For Media Coverage

There’s nothing worse than needing to provide last-minute professional photos for your business and having nothing available. There is a range of reasons you may need to provide a high-quality image of your business, whether it’s a feature on a website, magazine, or for advertising purposes. After your branding photography session, you’ll have access to an entire library of images readily available to use for your business. You’ll no longer have to worry about finding time to take the perfect photo as you’ll already have a massive range to choose from, finding the perfect picture no matter the occasion. 

Take Your Brand Photography to the Next Level

If you’ve realised your business may be suffering due to a lack of professional photos, there is no need to worry. Our skilled photographers at Media Booth have worked with an abundance of local, national, and even international companies to help them get the perfect shots. We offer a large range of photography packages helping you capture whatever you need, whether that’s team, workplace, or product photos. 

Reach out to our team today to learn more about our photography packages. 

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