Green Screen Gold Coast Studio

Green Screen on video is a post production technique used for layering two images (or videos) together based on colours and hues. The green screen is green because that is the furthest colour from any natural skin tone. 

The video here was recorded in our studio! Take a look and see what you think! Provided an image or footage can be found, anything can be put in the background of your video with this production method.

Video Blog

The top vloggers have backgrounds that represent who they are. A bad background can hurt your channel, so why take the risk?​

Promo Videos

Sometimes you want your video filmed at an amazing location that you just can't possibly be. That's where the green screen comes in.​


Consumers are likely to avoid infomercials that have a 'vintage 90's' look. Don't risk production value, utilise the green screen.​

The backdrop that allows you to be anywhere in the world

The technology of using a 'travelling matte' screen has been around for almost 100 years, and movie studios have become experts using this art of illusion. Today, the process is technically known as chroma keying, and is widely used in TV and Video as technology advancements have expanded their use as it is a much more cost-effective way of creating special effects and fantasies.


It's how your daily weather report is delivered with the animated background, highlighting pressure system movements and temperature forecasts, while still having the presenter visible to present.


Media Booth® makes it possible for business owners to take advantage of the perfect backdrop to deliver any piece of video content to their consumers.  Shoot where you want, when you want. 


You want to be in front of the Sydney Harbour bridge or on stage at Coachella but don’t have the budget? This type of video production is perfect for you - one studio with infinite location possibilities.


It's got so many uses - weather reporting, high-end visual effects in movies,and much more. You can be invisible, or become a superhero, create a music video, be a news reader, time travel.... it's up to you!


It's a visual effects technique where two images or video streams are layered together. Think about behind-the-scenes clips from movies. It’s hard to miss the sheer amount of green you see on set.


The Media Booth® Green Screen studio is perfect to create how-to or instructional videos, short-term promotional videos, special event promos, website promos, TV advertisements,  and even TikTok videos.


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History of how the Green Screen was created

Why the screen is green and not any other colour?
Did you know that the first screen introduced was actually black?
Are you aware there was also a yellow screen at one point?

The green screen we know today was invented by Richard Edlund, Special Visual Effects Supervisor for the movie 'The Empire Strikes Back'. He created a quad-optical printer that was able to fuse images from multiple reels much faster and much cheaper which became the catalyst product for the birth of the company 'Industrial Light & Magic'.  

The first step to shooting any video production is understanding the process, so we break this down for you to better understand what exactly it all involves, and how it's not just a matter of standing in front of a big green background and hoping for the best. We can provide not only the Green Screen Studio, but we can also help with expert staffing, use of equipment, and post-production.

Green Screen - A perfect opportunity!

Green screen provides you with the perfect opportunity to present in front of the ideal backdrop for your video, without needing to travel. This comes especially in handy if you are planning on promoting your business in another region if you're expanding or just travelling to a certain city for an event. 

The studio at Media Booth® has built in green screen facilities meaning you can access this feature without venturing too far. It can also reduce the downsides of filming in the great outdoors such as noise pollution or noise distortion, lighting issues and even unpredictable interruptions. 

Chroma Keying

We've broken down the benefits that green screen can provide your video content. But how you go from talking in front of a big green sheet to standing in front of one of Australia's biggest national icons following your video shoot is the process of chroma keying. Chroma keying is the process of joining two separate layers together in the same video production. 

Our in-house video production team take the time necessary to ensure a seamless integration between you and the chosen backdrop.


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