Gold Coast Flathead Classic Case Study

Gold Coast Flathead Classic Case Study

Mid-2016, Media Booth Australia’s Managing Director Ross Meadows became a committee member of the Gold Coast Sport Fishing Club, with a focus on improving the overall club exposure and promotion of its iconic event, Gold Coast Flathead Classic.

Gold Coast Sport Fishing Club Inc:

With member numbers needing a boost Media Booth set a few goals and streamlined a few processes, and by mid-January 2017 saw a 50% increase in numbers to its club nights, held once a month and over a 100% increase in active members.

A way in which this was achieved was to ensure that members that couldn’t make the club nights were kept informed. Media Booth Australia introduced Live Streaming at each club night. While not promoting the live streaming to ensure that members would still attend the club nights, it gives the ability for members to go back and watch the video at a later date and to learn the most from the special guest of the night.

Gold Coast Flathead Classic:

Leading up to the 2016 Gold Coast Flathead Classic, Media Booth Australia experimented with the audience of the event, trying different social media tactics to see what the audience liked and wanted to see more of. With interaction high in the weeks and months either side of the event, a plan was put in place to keep followers on edge and excited all of the time. The plan worked, with the event reaching over 1 million people in quarter 3 & 4 of 2016 and 1 of 2017. The 2016 event was the biggest event in the 24-year history with 588 anglers.


In late 2016, the team from Media Booth Australia decided to separate the Gold Coast Flathead Classic away from the Gold Coast Sport Fishing Club Inc website with the building of a new dedicated website, introducing a new responsive design and automated ticketing systems to help overcome long queue’s for registration on event day.

This was completed by integrating a 3rd party system that gives the ticket holder a barcoded ticket that can be printed or scanned on a mobile device and gives the check in staff the ability to use an iPhone or iPad to scan the barcode for the team instantly.

Media Booth Australia also suggested a name change to the event putting forward the idea of adding “The Ultimate Fishing Event” as a tagline. This was introduced to reflect the feedback from the event, many people suggesting that it’s a “bucket list” item, and “any avid fisherman should do it at least once in their life”.

The Ultimate Fishing Event tagline has now introduced a new form of sponsorship in 2017 to help with the clubs cash flow by introducing “The Ultimate Sponsor” groups that are made up of product + cash as a sponsorship commitment, something that the event had not had in its past.


The key to the club and events gained success was down to the constant communication of exciting promotions and call to actions to keep the audience engaged.

Fortnightly and monthly newsletters, regular social media updates, and exciting videos have been one of the key factors for growing this event and club.

In 2017 Media Booth Australia presented an idea to the committee, reflecting a new plan to open up ticket sales three months earlier than previous events, all part of a master plan.

Projecting the idea to launch an exciting promotional video; created by Media Booth, to excite people into the event in 2017. This plan would not only get an early commitment from competitors, but it would drastically improve the cash flow leading up to the event.

As of March 2017, the event had sold more early bird tickets than ever before with some 35 team entries and generating $30,000 in cash flow for the club before the event.

Ross and the Media Booth team also noticed the struggle for many competitors to be able to afford the ticket prices and to combat this introduced a Lay-by feature, giving the competitor the ability to pay off their ticket in 4 monthly payments to ease the financial pressure.

The 2016 Gold Coast Flathead Classic was the most successful event in the comps 24 year history with more anglers and more sponsors than ever before.