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If you are a brand that follows a franchise or licensee business model and are desperate for an all inclusive marketing solution… you are in the right place.

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We have worked tirelessly to perfect a franchise marketing solution that helps both franchisees AND franchisors take back control over their businesses and help facilitate sustainable lead generation.

Imagine not having to worry about investing into sustainable lead generation for your brand and franchisees. Instead, you’ll have this managed by a team of experts that have developed a cost-effective marketing package through research and rigorous testing, that helps local businesses get 3 bites of the cherry on the front page of Google.

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Literally, a 10 minute chat could be the pathway to living your dream?

There is no reason why this lifestyle is not possible.

Build your brand. Build Trust. Build your business.

This is the stuff business owners dream of and is now more affordable than ever for Franchised and Licensed businesses in Australia.

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Franchisees and Licensees

Are you currently running around like a headless chook trying to do “everything” in your franchise or licenced business?

Perhaps you are contemplating leaving the franchise as it just doesn’t seem to give you the lifestyle you thought it would due to not being busy enough with new customers?

Franchisors and Licensors

Are you looking at retaining more happy franchisees / licensees by helping them grow their businesses by assisting with great marketing and lead generating solutions?

Would you like to sell more franchises or licenses?

End goals?

Imagine a fantastic “company” website with “mini websites” for each franchisee / licensee that generated great quality leads each and every month as well as a social media presence full of rich regular posts that builds your brand awareness and also contributes to new enquiries?

Imagine your ideal prospect asking Google for some recommendations in your industry and your brand being showed 3 times on the front page via Google Ads, Google Maps and Organic website listing?

Imagine not having to worry if you will generate enough leads each month to hit the sales numbers you want?

Franchise FAQ's

What is Franchise Marketing?

Franchise Marketing can be done by a variety of advertising mediums like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Print Advertising, Radio, Television and much more. Franchise Marketing is best handled by a group buy-in, meaning each franchisee pays a small weekly or monthly marketing fee that is then distributed to a variety of platforms and gives the franchise the buying power of a group buy.

What is the best platform to advertise franchise services on?

Facebook & Google Ads are two great platforms to start marketing on for franchises as they offer fast lead generation with ads being up and running in a matter of moments following approval. This allows franchisees to get more leads and more sales quickly should the franchise be lacking sales or leads.

How to grow a franchise?

Franchises are no different to a small business, just that they pay a fee or royalty to the master franchisee for each sale and are generally geographically based for an area. Therefore to grow a franchise the rules are very similar, be active across social platforms by posting regular engaging content, doing Paid ads on platforms like Google, Facebook and other mediums. Asking each customer for a review following the completion of a service, having more reviews shows trust and brand confidence to potential customers. Lastly communicate with your clients EDM/Newsletters, socially, Google My Business, text messages etc to establish consistent communication to again build trust and when they next require your service, they think of your brand.

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