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The word is out, online advertising works. It’s cheaper than print, television or radio advertising. And the best thing? It’s fully customisable and trackable. Google Ads have been around for just over 15 years, over this time it has been implemented by more and more business owners who want to get to the top of Google Search. We know that 30% of users will click through to Google Search Ads that are displayed for your selected keyword or phrase, meaning you can potentially capture at least 1 in 3 customers actively searching Google for either a product or service you provide. In 2019, consumers are becoming more naturally skeptical of online brands (when there are so many options, it’s hard to pick the right one). Media Booth helps your business to STAND OUT by nailing down what makes your brand better than your competitors and spread your message across the platforms relevant to your industry. Talk to the team about Google Ads Management and help get your business to the next level.

Keep Track

See how many people see your ads, what day, and when. You can even see who calls or visits your business. Google ads keep track of all that important information.

Set Your Budget

Set your budget and adjust it as you go along. Change your daily or weekly budget with the click of a button. Google ads lets you stay in control no matter what!

Go Global

Is local just not enough? Thanks to Google Ads you can extend your customer base to outside Australia. Broadcast to entire regions or countries, the choice is yours.

So, what are google ads?

Look at Google Ads like your shortcut to the top of Page 1 in Google Search. A general Google search will see search results broken up into 3 main sections; paid ads, the map pack and finally organic search results. Google Ads is a paid advertising platform which is predominantly displayed at the top or the bottom of the search results pages on Google. 

You can pay to have your ads displayed in these popular locations, in order to drive traffic to a website, app, or phone number. Naturally you’ll need to invest more if you want to be at the top of the search results. However, just because you go out and spend the most money on Google Ads doesn’t always lead to an increase in sales. Strategy implementation is key to ensuring your ad spend is getting you the best possible return.

Some digital marketing agencies ‘advise’ that all you need to do is bid the highest to get the best result. However, this definitely is NOT the case. Strategy, quality and care are all key components to implementing an effective Google Ads campaign. Whether or not you are at the top depends entirely on who is handling your Google Ads campaign.

That’s where we come in! 

Media Booth provide you with a comprehensive campaign, that includes extensive keyword research and ad design. We take pride in providing quality paid advertisements for clients which help to reduce CPC, getting the most out of client investment. We go even further by constantly reviewing your campaign, based on reporting and data, to make any necessary changes to continue to squeeze your advertising budget to the last possible cent. By continuing to adapt your advertisements, your investment is stretched further as we keep your CPC down and keep you front and centre on Google Search.


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Okay wait... what are Google search ads?

How good does this sound? A potential customer types in a search query relevant to your business and you appear at the top of their search list. Match made in heaven, right? That’s how easy it is to get noticed when Media Booth Australia is managing your Google search ads. We combine leading strategy implementation with high-quality landing pages designed for higher conversion. 

So how does it work? Google Search Ads rely on bidding for ‘keywords’ or ‘phrases’, with the highest bidder securing the first rank on Google if the ad quality is high. It is best to think of Google Ads like an auction, if there is demand for that particular “Keyword” i.e. several competitors all targeting that word then the bid will need to be higher in order to show above the competitors. Although considered a heavier investment than Facebook Ads, done correctly it can provide a great ROI for your business.

We conduct extensive keyword research in order to identify the relevant search terms in your industry, that are more likely to drive traffic to your ads and website. We ensure your ad spend targets users relevant to your industry, giving you a better-quality lead. In essence, more bang for your buck!

Did you know that we can also showcase your business on the Google display network?

Along with Google search ads, you can also pay to have your business’ services or products visually displayed on the Google display network (GDN).

This is a very large network of sites that Google has permission to display more graphic based advertisements on. This network can reach over 90% of all internet users (with the remaining user base targetable through Bing Ads), meaning it’s a great platform to advertise your business on.

What’s even better about GDN is that we find it’s generally cheaper to advertise here as the clicks are less costly than those on the search network. The display network can scare some potential business owners away due to the increased importance on creating a visually appealing advertisement that displays all the necessary elements to promote a high CTR. That’s where we can make it easy for you.

As a certified Google Ads Partner, we use our own in-house graphic design team, we can create a visually stunning banner advertisement for your business, that is relevant to your industry and has a higher chance of converting a lead. This could be a potential customers first impression of your business, and we make sure that you hit the ground running with a high-quality display ad.


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