Pipedrive CRM

Pipedrive CRM is a sales management tool designed to help small sales teams manage intricate or lengthy sales processes. 

If you’re looking for a CRM that puts the needs of sale people first, rather than focusing on the needs of the higher levels, look no further than Pipedrive. 

As an Australian Authorised Partner for over 2 years we have developed and implemented custom solutions across a vast range of industries. Talk to us today about your customised Pipedrive implementation. 

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Do It Yourself

You sign up for the free trial via our website and complete everything yourself. On the occasions that you need an expert, we can offer assistance at a charge.

Do It With Us

Team up with us to share the workload. We can execute more complex or time-consuming tasks, such as creating automations. You’ll receive phone support.

We Do It For You

We do it all. Our specialists learn everything your business needs, handling the entire set-up process. You’ll receive tutorials and phone support whilst still being involved in the strategy.

Why Pipedrive CRM?

Stop Wasting Time

Your emails, phone calls, and sales progress are tracked automatically. Pipedrive clears the way, so you can focus on your business.

One Tool

Pipedrive has one single, streamlined view of your sales process. Providing clarity, keeping your team on the same page.

Track Your Progress

Pipedrive keeps your actions on-point not off-target, whilst keeping your goals realistic, rather than idealistic.

Easy Setup

Rated as the easiest sales tool to implement by software review site, G3Crowd. Simply log in, fill up your pipeline, and start selling.

Integrate It

From proposals to e-signatures, and beyond, Pipedrive integrates with over 100 apps. Arm yourself to sell with certainty.

Users Love It

The Pipedrive sales tool makes selling beautiful with a visual, intuitive, and customisable user interface.

ready to see what pipedrive crm can do for you?

How does it work?

A pipeline is used to track the different stages of a deal/sale. So let’s say a new website enquiry came in, you now have the ability to automatically feed that website enquiry into whatever stage of the pipeline you would like, which will then be assigned to a member of your team. The team member will receive a new notification stating a new lead has come through and needs to be followed up on. That team member is now able to add tasks such as logging calls, emails sent, meetings arranged, notes, and much more more.

Once the team member has made contact with the lead, they simply drag the deal to the next column in the pipeline (for example, contact made column), which can now be seen by the team member and business owner.

Comprehensive and easy to use

  • – Fully customisable on all levels
  • – Easy and intuitive to use
  • – Easy to find the statistics you need
  • – Packed with great features
  • – Integrates seamlessly with other market-leading software solutions
  • – Comes with a mobile app for both iOS and android

Features of the Pipedrive CRM app

  • – Save call logging activities to your deals
  • – Nearby feature let’s you know which clients are near you
  • – Schedule activities wherever you are, even when offline
  • – Take notes on your mobile device during a call or meeting
  • – Take a picture and store it under a deal or contact
  • – Make voice memos and upload it the deal or contact
  • – Optionally sync phone contacts into PipeDrive for easy deal creation later or updating a phone contact
  • – Swipe to see each column of the pipeline
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