Offshore Super Boat Series Bowen

Our amazing team recently had the pleasure of creating a short doco on the Offshore Superboat Championships – Australia and the teams that race in such a truly exciting sport. If you love any form of motorsports or racing, then this is one sport you need to follow. The sheer effort, passion and expense that goes into this sport is next level and a testament to all the sponsors that support the sport. #offshoreracing #superboats

Produced in conjunction with Benny Godfrey Films and ProFlight

Dynamic Racing 128 Dynamic Hydro Excavations Maritimo Maritimo Racing Team 3 Offshore Powerboat Racing SUV Offshore RacingBisho Media MRC Saracen Racing Team The Hulk Offshore Race Team AMT Marine Luxury Boat Brokerage STG Global Mercury Outboards Evinrude Australia