Remarketing targets the people that visit your website but didn’t convert. This means that during a small window of time your ads can target these people across google and social media when the right tools are in place. Remarketing on average brings 1-6% of previous website visitors back to your site. This website traffic is generated through the strategic placement of advertisement specific to your product or service; keeping your company in mind. 

Remarketing allows you to target your audience without the need to do anything. As longas your strategy is properly setup, software tools do the rest. Media Booth can create eye-catching advertisements that will help your business STAND OUT in front of the right people.

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Facebook & Google

Campaigns are spread across two major platforms, Facebook and Google. Facebook utilises adapting technology to put your data to great use.

Versatile Tracking Methods

Remarketing is especially beneficial for eCommerce stores, as ads will be shown based on a product a visitor has viewed or a variety of products of your choosing. Remarketing is advantageous for all industries, not just eCommerce.

Tracking Per Pixel

It all works thanks to the installation of a Facebook tracking pixel onto your website. This pixel fires each time a visitor enters your website, which then tracks where the visitor goes. This data is then utilised by us to strategically build a campaign around the interests of the visitor.

Remarketing reminds your customers about you and your business.

Have you ever visited a website, and wondered why your social media sponsored ads and website display ads all of a sudden start displaying that same companies merchandise or service? No, it’s not magic, it’s remarketing at work. Having a dedicated strategy means that you can follow your potential customers and pop up on their social media or searches even when they may not be searching your business. 


Keep them coming back for more.

When you work with us, we track the products they show the most interest in and display them on other websites as banner ads. This increases your chances at converting that warm lead as we only target consumers who’ve visited your website. Remarketing is subtle, meaning your target audience won’t find it annoying, but you’ll just keep popping up enough to keep your business in their thoughts.


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