TV Production

Our TV Production team offer several ways to approach your project, dependent entirely on your goals and target market. From commercials through to full cinematic productions, including aerial drones and more.

We do everything under one roof (in-house), no overseas outsourcing. We are the real deal. By keeping production in-house, we can drive your message much further than our competitors. It will be filmed, edited, cut, screen grabbed, twisted, voiced over, and everything under the sun. 

Our team includes ex-TV cameramen who know and understand framing and delivering a high-quality end product at an affordable rate.

Experienced Crew

With a highly experienced production crew, creative in-house editors, and scriptwriters, we consistently deliver maximum engagement with every video production.

Video Experts

Creating over 200 videos a year for a variety of brands require planning and plenty of 'know how'. Media Booth is here to help get your message out whether you're in the Gold Coast, Brisbane or Sydney.

Our Studio

Our Gold Coast studio includes a dedicated green screen room , shot using the latest 4K UHD technology, lighting, and audio equipment. You can hire the room for a half or full day with or without crew and equipment.

Professional TV production

When you are producing a video of a large scale, the devil is in the details. The concept stage is of most importance. Such things like the time of day, equipment required, talent and back up talent needed, any logistical matters and much more have to be considered and finalised well before shoot date. Storyboards/shot lists need to be reviewed with a fine tooth comb and the weather needs to be monitored at least one week prior to shooting in case the shoot needs to be rescheduled, if possible. If you are interested in showing your product or service on TV, we would love to discuss your project with you.


TV Production

Looking to show your production to a broader audience? YouTube or social media just won’t suffice. Have you considered TV? Of course, a production for TV is going to be a larger investment & so it should be. If you are considering showing your project to an audience as broad as free to air TV, you want to ensure your project is produced to the best possible quality achievable. Sure, if a TV series like Top Gear was filmed on an early model iPhone you might still watch it, but not every production is expensive exotic cars racing around beautiful locations.


If you have a product or service you wish to show to a vast audience, a TV commercial could be the best option for you. It is recorded that 82% of Australians still watch free to air television every week. Media Booth are capable of TV Commercial production and can help get your production on the air. Your commercial may not be for free to air TV, maybe you are looking to create a commercial to be used on YouTube or Vimeo.


As time evolves, we have so much more content at the tip of our fingers. It is now possible to view what you want when you want it. Our devices have become so smart that suggestions are made based on relevant topics you have previously watched. There for you can get your series in front of your intended audience with ease.  

If you are looking to create a series for a specific audience, Media Booth can guide you in the correct steps to take. From concept to completion, Media Booth will be with you every step of the way including having your series aired on an online channel or pay per view type system. Media Booth are experienced in producing series for multiple online and broadcast platforms.

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