Websites Development & Automation Services


Why have a website?

Having a great business or product is fantastic but, not telling the world about it and being found is as good as not having anything at all.

What types of websites are there?

Website Development Sydney is generally two types, the first is a service orientated website where you don’t sell anything on there, rather just promote what you do and why you do it. The second type is e-commerce, this type of Website Development Brisbane integrate a shopping cart system with payment facilities and shipping tools that help automate the sales process.

Building on Automation

Here at Media Booth we believe in automating the mundane tasks and making life simple. That’s why we offer a range of automation for your website including pushing your items for sale from your website directly to the likes of eBay and Amazon with the click of a button. Along with this can automate follow emails, service reminders, heck we even can build you an automated Facebook bot to answer customer questions instantly.

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