Aerial Photography Services In Gold Cost

Aerial Photography

Media Booth® offers aerial photography services across the Gold Coast and Australia. In late 2016, Media Booth® acquired ProFlight Pty Ltd - a CASA approved unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operator - after increased demand from clients for aerial photography and aerial cinematography

ProFlight is a team of commercial and private helicopter pilots who bring years of real-world experience. 


Proflight Pty Ltd
Affiliated company of Media Booth®

ProFlight is a team of commercial and private helicopter pilots, each bringing years of real world experience covering applications from aerial filming, fire fighting, and power line inspection through to training and tourism. 

ProFlight is Civil Aviation Safety Authority approved (License No: CASA.UOC.0551) and fully insured with 20 million dollars public liability.

We have years of experience operating the kinds of aircraft currently used in the commercial filming, photography, and data gathering missions undertaken in today’s fast growing UAV market. 

With the knowledge and skill gained from our thousands of hours commercial experience and the practical expertise from years of building and flying UAV platforms, the team at ProFlight are the natural choice to design, plan, coordinate and carry out any airborne task you can think of, and many others you haven’t.

Have a chat with our experts today - we can fly you places you have never seen.

The key to success is consistency

With a fleet of drones suitable for a variety of projects, we have all of your aerial needs covered. From real estate, construction, marine or building, our team are professional and reliable. Being a CASA licensed unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operator and holding 20 million dollars public liability gives no risk to you or your job site. 

Our team is made up of Commercial and Private helicopter pilots that combined have thousands of hours of aviation experience, ensuring a safe completion to every project.

Real Estate Photos

Real estate companies can greatly benefit from aerial photography thanks to the ability to capture the true shape, size, and layout of a home.  

It's perfect for potential buyers who want to see the home and the land as a whole. You can even showcase landmarks which are only available from an elevated height. 

Give potential buyers a full view, including surrounds with ProFlight.

audio visual aerial photography
audio visual aerial photography

Construction Site Photos

Construction companies can greatly benefit from aerial photography thanks to the ability to capture not only the entire site but also the progress or process. 

Our team will provide you with high-resolution aerial photographs of your site from design concept, through to completion.

Marine Aerial Photos

Yacht or boat dealers can greatly benefit from aerial photography thanks to the ability to capture the entire vessel in one go. Upgrade your listings with still shots of your majestic vessels out on the water. 

Entice buyers with visuals that help them imagine cruising on open waters with the family on a beautiful sunny day.

audio visual aerial photography

Building Inspection Photos

Companies can greatly benefit from aerial photography thanks to the accessibility of a small drone. ProFlight is available to assist in conducting regular or one-off building inspections, from HVAC condition inspections, all the way through to solar panel damage inspections. 

ProFlight ensures you capture real-time high definition imagery of all assets required. 

Make Your Business Stand Out!

Whether you need colour correction, multiple photo files (so you can utilise them for social media or marketing purposes), or multiple angles of the same shot, we have a package to suit.

Utilising the latest drone technology, combined with helicopter certification, our team will capture the perfect shot, at the perfect time.


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