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Google Web Stories
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Google Web Stories, What Are They?

You may not have heard of Google’s new plugin, aptly named Web Stories for WordPress, but Google has just released a new WordPress plugin for your web stories.


Top 5 Tips for Small Businesses during COVID-19

Many small business owners will undoubtedly be faced with some downtime over the coming weeks and probably months. Why not use this time productively and get on the front foot when we return to some kind of normality? Here are my top 5 tips for small business during COVID-19. Firstly, don’t panic. This emotional reaction is rarely good for making any kind of decisions let alone those that revolve around your business. To help you remain calm seek opinions and advice from professionals in your network.


2020 Google Maps Update! Here’s what you NEED to know.

After 15 years of providing the fantastic service that is Google Maps, the search engine giant has just actioned their biggest update to the map platform for smart devices. This update is more than just the new app icon, and in this article, we break down each of these category updates and highlight how they can help you and your business.

Video Production

Video Marketing by the numbers – Why video marketing is so POWERFUL!

We live in an educated world where people are buying confidently from their loungeroom all thanks to online product educational videos. If you’re still not convinced with why your marketing plan should 100% include video, this article is going to throw some interesting stats your way to help convince you to utilise video in your marketing plan.

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