The word is out, Paid Advertising online really works!

Online Lead Generation is a valuable commodity. It’s cheaper than print, television or radio advertising. And the best thing? It’s fully customisable and trackable.

Media Booth® provide you with a comprehensive campaign, that includes extensive keyword research and ad design. We take pride in providing quality paid advertisements for clients which help to reduce CPC, getting the most out of client investment. 

We go even further by constantly reviewing your campaign, based on reporting and data, to make any necessary changes to continue to squeeze your advertising budget to the last possible cent. 

The internet allows businesses to get their brand in front of a worldwide audience.

Better brand engagement, reaching the intended audience easily.

Fully measurable campaigns, plus easily automated to save time.

See real-time results with easy accessibility to reporting and marketing.

We stand out from the competition

We aren’t your typical run of the mill marketing agency. We only use proven strategies backed by leading industry research. Our strategies go beyond digital.
We can help you reach your business goals. Hover over the clients below to find out what difference we made for them!

Natures Farmer Sea came on board with Media Booth® in May 2021, primarily to have their Shopify site redesigned, and have Paid Ads created to generate revenue and increase website retention.


96% increase in website conversion rate

59% increase in average order value 60% increase in returning customer rate

3,347% increase in total website revenue


37.26% reduction in cost per conversion

106% increase in phone calls

130.7% increase in conversion rate

STG Global had a new Ultra-Fast Website created by Media Booth® in 2021, and have Paid Ads created to generate leads.
Brisbane Shade and Shutters joined Media Booth® to get a new Ultra-Fast website, to increase sales via social media, and to increase website sales and conversions.

Increased total revenue by 750%
since their website went live,
via Facebook and Google Ads!
03/2021 - 08/2021 RESULTS, COMPARED TO PREV. 6 MTHS

31.32% reduction in cost per conversion
26.01% increase in phone calls
Dynamic Hydro Excavations have been web clients of Media Booth® for a long time, and wanted to increase phone calls whilst decreasing their cost per conversion.

We can build a new website for you and your business, manage your Google and Facebook Ads, use our SEO skills, and even automate your business processes and CRM! Media Booth® will make you and your business more productive.

Contact our Ad Specialist now!

Google Ads

Google Ads have been around for over 15 years, over this time it has been implemented by more and more business owners who want to get to the top of Google Search.

We know that 30% of users will click through to Google Search Ads that are displayed for your selected keyword or phrase, meaning you can potentially capture at least 1 in 3 customers actively searching Google for either a product or service you provide.

Talk to our Online Marketing Experts to find out how we can help grow your brand!

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Facebook Ads

If you're not on Facebook, you're missing out on thousands of potential leads. 

Whether you're looking to build your brand, inform your audience, sell more products, or capture new leads, Facebook advertising gives you the opportunity to be seen by up to 2 billion people. 

With powerful targeting options, Facebook advertising allows you to be seen by thousands of people with the ability to purchase your product or utilise your service.

Find out how Media Booth® can get your business to the next level.

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Remarketing targets the people that visit your website but didn't convert. This means that during a small window of time your ads can target these people across google and social media when the right tools are in place.

It allows you to target your perfect demographic without the need to do anything. As long as your strategy is properly setup, software tools do the rest.

Talk to Media Booth® today about what remarketing can do for your business.

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Geo-Target Marketing

Our team can set up a geo-targeting marketing strategy so that your ads are displayed to potential customers visiting, currently at, or previously been to a certain location.   

Microsoft Ads

Microsoft Search is beginning to increase in popularity and is the second biggest search engine behind Google. Talk to the team about a Microsoft paid campaign.

Targeted Landing Pages

Targeted landing pages are customised to a specific campaign or offer and ultimately guide a visitor towards a single goal. It is designed to convert a click on a paid ad to a lead.  

Domain Names & Hosting

This is where your online presence begins... once you have your web site design handled you need to get it online, and so will need a domain and a subscription to a hosting package.