Mailchimp Specialists 

Mailchimp is a really helpful and easy to use automation platform designed and developed for businesses using email as a marketing tool when reaching out to their target markets. It is an all-in-one system that allows you to manage your mailing lists, create email templates, and automate your email marketing campaigns.

It can effortlessly be added to a website created for you by Media Booth®. Set up your free Mailchimp account today.

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Do It Yourself
Mailchimp Specialists and Designers

You sign up for the free trial via our website and complete everything yourself. On the occasions that you need an expert, we can offer our expert assistance at a charge.

Do It With Us
Mailchimp Specialists and Designers

Team up with us to share the workload. We can execute more complex tasks, such as creating campaigns and marketing automations. We can offer support with a member of our team.

We Do It For You
Mailchimp Specialists and Designers

The team at Media Booth® do it all.
Our specialists will set it up so you relax. You’ll receive tutorials and phone support whilst still being involved in the strategy.

Why choose Mailchimp?

Mailchimp Specialists and Designers


Mailchimp gives you an allocation to have a large 2000 person subscriber list on the free account. It's super easy to initially set up and is really cost effective if your business grows beyond the initial allocation.

Mailchimp Specialists and Designers


MailChimp is super user-friendly plus very super flexible. It’s been designed for non-technical people, so anyone can send out professional looking emails without needing a marketing degree!

Mailchimp Specialists and Designers


It is packed with heaps of useful features to make your life easier. From scheduling, to reporting, to segmentation, to integration - it really is one of the most flexible free email marketing plugins you can use!

Mailchimp Specialists and Designers


MailChimp can help you grow your mailing list through easy and customisable forms that can be embedded on your website, or included in your EDMS and newsletters.

Mailchimp Specialists and Designers


Discount vouchers and coupons are an fantastic way to provide extra value to your loyal customers. Its super easy to customise the inbuilt email templates for your promos!

Mailchimp Specialists and Designers


If you are worried that your email content isn't hitting the mark,  MailChimp offers insights on how your campaigns are performing, & how many are opting in or subscribing.


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Features of Mailchimp

New to Mailchimp and not sure where to start? We can help. It's important to start with the existing contact data you already have, Media Booth® can start to show you helpful insights about your audience, including new ways to talk to followers who love your brand already... plus new and exciting ways to reach those who are likely to. 

If you don't already have contacts - all is not lost! The time can be spent looking around the system and playing with different features. Believe us, there are a lot of features!

Added Extras

Over 250+ App Integrations available.

Many inbuilt templates to use and customise to suit your business requirements.


Great inbuilt options for targeted marketing campaigns.

The analytics are good yet straightforward.


Real Time Reporting.

Delivery receipts, reporting, and unique link tracking

Text In Keywords.

Easy to Use

Free to begin with.

Comprehensive and very easy for anyone to use.

Easy to understand user interface.


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