Ultra Fast WordPress websites

Our team spent almost 6 months and loads of our own $$$ in R&D to develop our fastest EVER WordPress Websites.

With website speed being a HUGE priority for a variety of factors including user experience, SEO rankings, increasing conversion rates, decreasing bounce rate and many other reasons, speed should be a top priority when developing any website. 


Matched With Super Fast Australian Hosting

Not all hosting is equal, that's why combining a fast WordPress Website with Fast servers and caching is a MUST. Australian based servers for hosting Australian websites, don't buy cheap offshore hosting, your website performance will decrease because of it. Think of it like this, an Australian website visitors connection has to travel to say the USA then back, then download the files, this adds load time and latency to your Australian visitors experience.

In-House Developers

When you work with us, you'll be talking to our in-house developers. Highly skilled at WordPress development and many other development languages ensures you're getting the best technology and coding practises for your website. From custom software to mobile apps our team can deliver any project for your business and not just websites. Keeping up with the latest coding practises, languages, caching technics and more keeps our team at the forefront of our industry and ensures we deliver the best results.

Professional Copywriters

Our in-house team consists of professional copywriters to ensure the content on your new website is correctly written, optimised for SEO and easy to read. We also offer professional blog writing so that your business can release quality content that is easy to read, has been optimised for search engine rankings and delivers your message in a professional way. Our copywriters research, draft and offer preview prior to publishing to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with the content, we also have access to 100,000's of stock images.

Why does a fast website matter?

An ultra-fast Website is key to your end-users experience, slow websites cause visitors to bounce out of your website, this is known as a bounce rate. This can happen when a website takes far too long to load and the user doesn’t want to wait anymore. 40% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less!

Our new WordPress website development technics typically score over 90/100 in both mobile and desktop scores with Google’s Page Speed Insights test, how does your current website score? Check it here 

Google's Core Vitals Update & What it means to you

With the announcement of the Google Core Vitals update, it is clear that user experience is going to be a factor in rankings from June 2021 onwards and the bench mark score is rumoured to be 75/100 or higher. While it’s unknown if lower-rated websites will lose rankings due to this, we expect it will be and therefore build our WordPress websites to truly exceed the benchmark.

Our all-new WordPress Ultra Fast websites have been meticulously tested, they utilise the latest in caching technology and backed by our ultra fast servers in Sydney.


Case Study of Petway Petcare

Petway Petcare has been a long standing client of Media Booth for over 6 years, and being roughly 5 years since we last built a website for them, it was time to take Petway to a new level. With complicated pricing structures for multi tier users and the additional functionality to allow one tier to checkout with just a purchase order and no freight costs, our team got to work.

First we developed concepts of the new website in a layered Photoshop (PSD) file. We took time to listen to our client’s needs and find the perfect design for the new website. This design was optimised extensively to ensure the best user experience. Next our team moved onto coding the PSD, here using our latest bootstrap framework and optimising the build in WordPress.

Next was not only importing all the products, but making many changes to categorisation and layout. Our team also imported over 5 years of orders, customer data and information into the new website. This meant that previous customers could login and order as they would on the old website without the need for resetting passwords etc. Minimising any negative customer experience during the transition from old website to new website.

Our goal with Petway Petcare was to ensure rapid speed and a seamless user experience on our New Ultra Fast WordPress Website, here are the loading stats.

Load time (Sydney based test): 1.1 Seconds

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): 812ms (milliseconds)

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): 0

Performance: 96%

Structure: 95%

GT Metrix Petway Website Fast Score

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