Why does your business definitely need SEO?

Updated: 9th April 2020

Search Engine Optimisation – SEO – is the process of optimising a website, through optimisation of images and content contained within the website. The goal is to improve the website’s ranking on search engines (i.e. Google). SEO is one of the most competitive markets, and as such to remain a contender you’ll need a strong SEO strategy, put in the hours, and put in the hard work in order to drive your company to the top of Google results. So how does SEO benefit your business in the long run? Thanks to the world wide web, online opportunities have tripled compared to recent years, below are 3 reasons why SEO is a necessity for your business.

#1 Primary source of website traffic

Before the internet became popular we used to find companies the old fashioned way, in the ‘white pages’. Now for those who don’t know what that is (because it has now become an online index), the white pages are a printed book that would be delivered yearly, meaning if you had a business and wanted recognition, it was imperative you submitted your business to the white pages annually. If however, you wanted to stand out from the crowd, that’s where you’d need to start paying for advertising space within the white pages. This meant you needed a graphic, meaning you had to not only pay for space but also pay someone to design your ad. Why mention this is such detail? I want you to remember and compare both situations, then and now. Now, we have access to a multitude of devices that can connect to the internet, which is essentially owned by the multi-billion dollar company Google.

#2 Build Trust & Credibility with SEO

Throughout my SEO career, clients have always had one thing in mind, ‘the right keyword matters’. For instance, an accountant wouldn’t be happy until the held the top place in google for the keyword ‘accounting’. A divorce attorney aims for the top of results for ‘divorce attorney’, an air conditioner installer won’t be satisfied until ‘air conditioner installer’ is at the top of results, and so forth.
Whilst these expectations are quite high, they aren’t wrong in thinking that achieving the top ranking for these ‘right keywords’ will drive thousands of potential clients to their website. The problem with this narrow thinking is you’re optimising your website for Google, rather than the end user (the most important part). Rather than focusing on the ‘right keyword’, you need to take a much more in-depth approach and provide relevant content to your clients, before they enlist your service or purchase a product. Doing so will give your company credibility which in turn instils trust within consumers, so when it comes to purchasing from you, they will think ‘I trust you’, thus finalising the sale process. In short, relevant content that is highly ranked within Google’s search engine results will bring not only traffic but also build trust and credibility for your company.

#3 User Experience

You’ve invested money and time to create an appealing website for your clients/consumers but do you know how your potential client/consumer feels when they’re visiting your website? A major part of SEO is understanding and improving the user’s experience, to reach the end result of product purchase or service enquiry. In regards to organic search, Google will show you the most relevant results to your search time within a split second-time frame. Unfortunately, websites that are considered too slow, unsafe or feature a bad mobile experience, are penalised by Google and are sometimes excluded from the search results or pushed further down (say onto page 3, rather than page 1). By analysing data, your SEO manager can begin strategising ways to improve the user experience, which can, in turn, increase your conversion rate for direct, paid, and social media traffic.

In conclusion

SEO goes beyond the management of keywords, page titles, alt image titles, on-page and off-page activities. SEO embodies the consumers’ overall decision; quality content and an outstanding experience will influence the customers purchasing decision. When thinking about marketing strategies for your business, SEO should be kept in mind. Unsure if your website is optimised for the ultimate user experience? Get in touch with us for a free site audit.

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    Introducing Site Kit: the essential Google Tools for your WordPress site

    Introducing Site Kit: the essential Google Tools for your WordPress site

    “Get authoritative and up-to-date recommendations from Google”

    Google has just released a free, open-sourced plugin for wordpress called Site Kit. The plugin allows website owners and publishers to have easy access and usability to essential Google products. This would mean that your wordpress dashboard would easily display Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Google Search Console and Google PageSpeed insights. Which is awesome to monitor your website analytics, SEO and marketing campaigns. 

    What Google products are in Site Kit?

    The first version of the plugin will include:

    • Search Console: how users discover your content on Google Search.
    • Analytics: how users navigate on your site.
    • AdSense: Set up and monitor earnings.
    • PageSpeed Insights: Identify performance optimizations for your site.

    While this plugin is primarily used as a reporting and analytics tool – it will also

    “…provide deep links into Google products for advanced reports and product configuration capabilities,”
    – Mariya Moeva, Product Manager @ Google


    How to set up Google Site Kit:

    To get Google Site Kit plugin set up on your website only take sa few clicks. You can then add more modules to get further insights from other Google products.
    To set up Google Site Kit on your wordpress website:

    1. Authenticate
    2. Verify URL
    3. Connect Search Console
    4. Configure

    That’s it!

    Other Google Site Kit Features

    Milestones – the plugin will let you know when your hard work has paid off by creating and notfying you when you reach milestones.
    Statistics – It’s important to know how your website visitors interact with your webpages. With Google Site Kit integration with google analytics – you are able to see impressions, clicks, average time and more key metrics right inside wordpress.

    Site Kit by Google will provide website owners with easy to digest information and allow them to understand website traffic, audiences, and performance – all from the one place.

    “Google plans to expand Site Kit’s capabilities and integrations in the future based on feedback from beta testers.”  – searchenginejournal

    Site Kit will open to beta testers in early 2019. If you are interested, you can  request early access and product updates.
    Join the Beta here


    What our clients say