How To Install Facebook Pixel in WordPress

With digital marketing there are several ways to market to your customers and one of the great tools is something we refer to as remarketing. Remarketing is a very powerful tool and comes with a conversion rate of up to 5%, so if your business is not remarketing to your website visitors then you’re missing out!

Facebook Remarketing is a piece of code installed on your website (otherwise known as a Pixel) that leverages those users that visit your website whilst signed into a Facebook account, what this enables you to do is show targetted ads in their newsfeed of what they were looking at on your site. This can be in many different forms, for example you have an online store selling 4wd bull bars for major brands and in this case we will use the Toyota 200 Series Landcruiser, the visitor looks at the bull bar for the 200 Series, we can then show them ads for this product in their facebook timeline to enhance the chance of the customer purchasing from your website.

How to install the Facebook Pixel:

Step 1: Head on over to Pixels in your Facebook Business Manager

Step 2: Click “Create a Pixel” in the green box that appears

How To Install Facebook Pixel in Wordpress-Step 1

Step 3: Select from the below two options shown, in this case, we assume you will be installing the pixel code yourself. Click Install the code yourself

Facebook Pixel Wordpress Installation Options Step 3

Step 4: Head over to your WordPress website and hover over Appearance and click editor

Install Facebook Pixel Wordpress Step 4

Step 5: Locate the tags these are commonly found in the header.php file of your theme. Paste your Facebook tracking pixel code just before the closing tag. In code close tags will have a /

Step 5 Locate the head tags these are commonly found in the header file of your theme

Step 6: Save the file and be sure to empty any cache or minification settings you may have setup.

Step 7: The best way to test your pixel is working is to install the Facebook Pixel Helper Google Chrome Add-on.

Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome Addon