Video Production Gold Coast + Brisbane + Sydney

Why choose us?
We treat every video like its our own, going beyond to deliver amazing videos because we love what we do! Our team includes cinematographers, videographers, DOP’s and Producers ready to tackle any production. Our sister company Pro Flight Pty Ltd is a casa licensed drone operator along with our team being licensed RePL pilots and using the latest in high-end drones to capture stunning videos in up to 6k resolution. Our team are passionate, friendly and will work alongside any team to produce the ultimate video, tv show, broadcast or promo videos.

What can Video Do for My Business?
We offer several ways to approach your message/story/product or service, entirely dependant on your goals & target market. From a simple ‘news’ style report detailing benefits, utilising our studio, brand awareness, instructional videos through to full cinematic production values including fully licensed aerial drones, helicopters, the works. 

The Extra Benefits – The Real Deal
Media Booth doesn’t stop at video production on the Gold Coast we do everything else under the one roof, in-house, no “overseas outsourcing” we are the real deal. This means we can drive your message much further than our competition. It will be added to, edited, cut, screen grabbed, twisted, improved and pumped full of vitamins and utilised across every medium available to us. When you engage us, you NEVER need to say, “Great I have the video, what now?”. We’ll squeeze every last pixel for its maximum worth and marketing potential.

Experienced Crew

With a team of highly experienced videographers, cinematographers, DOP and Prodcuer onboard for everything from promo videos to tv shows, our team have it all covered. Producing some major hit tv shows and stunning cinematic videos, our team are here for your next project Australia & Internationally.

200+ videos per year

Creating over 200 videos a year for a variety of big and small brands requires planning and plenty of ‘know how’  ensuring our customers receive the very best we can offer every production. Media Booth is here to help get your message out with your next video production on the Gold Coast, Brisbane & Sydney.

Media Booth Studios

Also based out of our Gold Coast studio is a dedicated green screen room shooting in the latest 4k UHD technology, lighting, and audio equipment. Our green screen studio is available for hire half/full day with or without crew and equipment.

Types of Video Production

Social Media Campaigns

As part of a Social Media package or stand alone service, Media Booth engage client customers with Boosted Social Media videos specifically targeted to increase sales and or brand awareness. The benefits are highly effective animated adverts targeting specific demographics within your customer base with results that  are ‘trackable’ following target markets up to 3 months after the initial campaign. Get a few of these rolling and predictability becomes more accurate enabling more useful allocation of marketing funds for a higher return across your business.

Product Reviews

Far more effective and penetrating than a glossy brochure or wordy website, video product reviews really tell the the story and let the customer know what their getting including incentives and current promotions. These can be utilised across multiple media channels including but not limited to; Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Websites, USB promotional giveaways, Tradeshow video loops and more.


Live to air broadcast content is still an effective tool for certain business clusters. We offer a full suite of digital broadcast tools including animations, studio, broadcast quality live footage and scripted dialogue. If you have an idea or wish to discuss the possibilities, call us today, we enjoy getting down and talking ‘creative’.

Trade Show Displays

From a simple flat panel loop detailing your products to a full blown 10 metre wide display, we do our best to knock the punter’s socks off when they walk by!

Event Trailers

Want a a trailer to promote your next event? We can help make it something special.

Logo Stings

Take your logo to the next level and add that extra touch of professional shine with a logo sting. Handy for Brand awareness and reinforcing product/service offerings.

Video Blog (Vlog)

Capturing a target market can greatly increase with regular communication between your brand and customers. Such as the example shown involved a simple chat straight into the camera via our screen screen studio and we create the rest. It’s surprising how inexpensive and how little live footage is required to achieve the desired result.

Short Video Grabs

Aimed at the Social Media and Instagram market, these videos are very short providing a lot of impact within a few seconds. Perfect for businesses leading up to product and event launches, they can create a sense of urgency, fun, bookings, enquiries and Brand awareness.